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September 27, 2021

How to Know if You Have a Flea Infestation?

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Flea Infestation in the Home
Probabilities are if you have pet’s you have had to deal with the almost inevitable flea infestation. All pet owners understand that when a flea infestation has gripped your living area it will be the start of a long battle.

So as to properly rid you home and pets of fleas you will treat the infestation as a whole. The fleas don’t solely continue to exist on your pet. Some analysis indicated that fleas spend less than 15% of their time on you pet. The rest of the time they’re comfortably tucked away in a variety of warm places. Your carpet, your couches and even in your garden.

flea picture How to Know if You Have a Flea Infestation?Summer and hotter weather can also bring out these evil little critters. This is because the heat accelerates their life cycles. Depending on where you reside you could face a flea problem all year around.

Recognizing Flea Infestation
Possibilities are you will know all about a budding flea problem. Fleas leave itchy bites on the ankles and beyond and make life for everyone in the area a misery.

One approach to measure the severity of the infestation is to comb your dogs coat over a white paper. The amount of dark crumb-like bits that fall onto the paper will indicate the seriousness of your infestation.

If the fleas are leaving a ton of bites on the individuals in your home you will understand the infestation is bad. Calamine lotion can give some relief if the itching is bad. You can also experiment with one of the various natural repellents. Numerous substances rubbed on ankles or exposed skin will help keep the fleas from biting the humans; therefore you’ll be able to focus on killing all the fleas.

How to Kill Fleas
flea picture 1 How to Know if You Have a Flea Infestation?Many consultants agree that the current chemical warfare on fleas is doing very little to lesson the problem. Not only are these chemical treatments ineffective; they are additionally dangerous.

The dangers of those chemicals being ingested by dogs or maybe your kids are high.

And there’s the concern that repeated, prolonged use of these chemicals is creating a brand new “super flea’. Eventually fleas can become fully immune to our treatments. This evolution of fleas will create a need for stronger and stronger chemicals. Who knows what sorts of super chemicals we tend to need fifty years from now.

Those in favor of natural flea remedies claim that natural treatments work better than the chemical ones. In order to treat the problem effectively, you may need to adopt a holistic action plan.

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